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By participating in our clean-up and campaign events, you can play a vital role in creating a healthier, more beautiful environment for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you're passionate about preserving nature, enhancing public spaces, or simply giving back to your community, our clean-up service offers the perfect opportunity to make a difference.


We meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 8:00 am.

Together, let's create a positive impact and make our communities a better place to live that we can all be proud of.


Sign up today!

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All volunteers must have a signed waiver. Volunteers under 18 must have a parent or guardian's signature.

Please submit your information to register as a volunteer. If you are not able to bring a signed waiver, we will have them available at check-in.

Water bottle to keep you hydrated

Eco-Friendly Ideas for Reducing Trash When Volunteering.


Bring recyclable/reusable containers for trash collection such as a:

  • Reusable bucket

  • Plastic milk jug with the top cut of

  • Reused plastic shopping bag


As containers are filled, dump them into a central collection site, trash can, or large trash bag. 


Kitty litter scoopers for a hands-free way to grab the trash. 


*If you are not able to bring reusable cleanup supplies, single-use supplies will be provided for you at the information desk.


  • Closed-toed shoes

  • Sunscreen

  • A hat

  • Sunglasses


Everyone can participate in Poop Free Community clean-ups, no matter what age.


Plan to arrive at our event 10-15 minutes early for check-in. If you are with a group you will have an assigned check-in time.

If clean-up participants RSVP, they will be notified via e-mail or text when an event is canceled. Sudden changes in weather can cause last-minute cancellations. Please check your e-mail before traveling to the cleanup site.*


Check-in with your waiver form at our information desk at the corner of Bastanchury Road and Plumosa Drive in Yorba Linda, CA. It's one block north of Mabel Paine Elementary School. 

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Each volunteer will need to Check-in 

  1. Sign-in.

  2. Turn in the signed waiver.

  3. Get supplies if needed.

  4. As a group, listen to safety information reviewed by the Cleanup Coordinator.

  • Clean up all human or dog-created trash you can find, no matter how small! All dog waste must be removed!!  

  • When you are finished, bring all trash back to the information desk. Take a moment to look out at the street and appreciate how much cleaner and nicer it is. Congratulate yourself on a job well done, and thank yourself and your fellow volunteers for helping us provide clean, safe, dog-friendly street access and for helping to clean our community. 

* Please note the Poop Free Community is not responsible for any personal items left at the information desk during the clean-up.  We recommend bringing a backpack to carry your personal items with you, a lock for your bike, etc.

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