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Men Volunteering


During the Covid-19 pandemic, I have walked my dog, Winnie, every day after lunch. On these daily walks, I noticed, to my dismay, a lot of dog waste lying around in the community. Not picking up after your dog is not only unsanitary and irresponsible, but also signals a lack of common courtesy and respect for our beautiful neighborhood and fellow neighbor. I quickly learned I wasn't the only one who felt this way. I heard this issue was discussed at the HOA meetings and that my neighbors voiced their frustrations and anger. I also read many posts on the neighborhood social media pages, echoing the concerns over this massive problem in our community. 


Currently, the state, county, city, and HOA have regulations and fines starting at $100 if people get caught in a video or picture leaving behind their pet's waste. However, I want create change in our community with more positive reinforcement to transform how we view our common spaces and strengthen our commitment to a shared sense of a collective purpose. I want to give back to the community I grew up in by acting responsibly and getting people to care about dog trash in our neighborhood.


Poop Free Community was founded to help clean dog and human waste for everyone in the community while also raising awareness of making our communities a better place to live. By getting involved, I hope to spread the volunteer spirit to you, my friend and neighbor, to leave our communities cleaner, safer and more connected to one another.




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